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Welcome to TLC Korea 대원그레이팅 플랜트 그레이팅 전문제작업체

Welcome to TLC Korea 무제 문서
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Date : 14-06-30 17:19
Exhibition at Inside 3D Printing between June 12-13 at Kintex, Korea
 Writer : TLC
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As a new and innovative material business and in an attempt to secure a place in the market, TLC successfully developed high
quality PLA 3D filaments and their resins and making an effort to expand the market. From jointly exhibiting with our extrusion
company, Seoryong, at Inside 3D Printing exhibition, which took place at Kintex in Korea, our filaments received high level of
interest from 3D printers for high quality and competitive prices.


대원그레이팅 플랜트 그레이팅 전문제작업체